What Do Construction Scaffolders Do?

What Do Construction Scaffolders Do?

As you may know, scaffolding plays a big part in construction work. You can find these structures all over buildings in cities and suburbs all across the globe. In fact, according to surveys by OSHA, nearly two-thirds of the 2.5 million construction workers in the industry do their work on them. You might be wondering what construction scaffolders, also known as scaffolding technicians, do. Here’s a brief overview of the requirements of the job.

They Set Up the Scaffolding

When you walk under any scaffolding, you likely don’t give it much mind. It’s part of life, especially in a city. Buildings are either being constructed or being repaired. Both situations require scaffolding. These structures that both protect pedestrians walking under them and allow the workers to do their job efficiently aren’t magically erected out of thin air. It requires the work of construction scaffolders, who do the job of both setting up and tearing down the scaffolding.

They Need to Be in Very Good Shape

Setting up scaffolding is a very physically taxing job, and the people who are doing it have to be strong enough to carry heavy pieces of equipment around each day. They also have to hold it in place while others secure it in place. It’s an intricate network of scaffolding and planks and if it’s not done properly, then it could result in a disaster of epic proportions, especially if the error happened forty or so stories up. Construction scaffolders play a vital part in keeping all the workers there safe.

They Can Get a Scaffolder Job in a Variety of Ways

The main way that one can get a job as a construction scaffolder is to complete an apprenticeship. An apprentice will be taught by a competent person who knows what they are doing. This will ensure that the site has people who know what they are doing. This is an excellent way for them to immediately assess if they are able to do this job on a regular basis. As mentioned before, this is a very physically taxing job, and it can quickly tire out those who are not in the proper condition to perform all the tasks that they need to do.

In other countries, there are different requirements to even get the job. In England, an aspiring scaffolder will devote 18 months to learning on the job as an apprentice while also attending school, according to Indeed. Find out the exact requirements in your country, city, or state before you take the next steps toward securing this job. That’ll help ensure that you don’t have to take unnecessary extra steps toward achieving this goal.

As professional construction scaffolders have to learn the different types of scaffolding, including single, double, cantilever, suspended, and trestle scaffolding. There will be different situations where one of these will be called for. As they gain more experience, then they’ll know how to do each one.

They’ll also learn what not to do, like use shore scaffolds or lean-to scaffolds. As far as the weather conditions go, they’ll not be allowed to work in snow or ice. Safety must always be paramount when it comes to working in this field. Otherwise, they are putting themselves, their co-workers, and even the pedestrians who walk underneath in grave danger. It’s simply not worth the risk.

They Take Care of In-Demand Jobs

Construction scaffolders are a huge part of the local infrastructure. This is especially true if they’re in a major metropolitan area. Buildings of all sizes and heights are being built and maintained and repaired. That means that the other people working on these areas are going to need to have scaffolders there setting things up for them. At Betco Scaffolds, we provide a wide variety of services from scaffold engineering and design to labor. We even have a full-service emergency response team to ensure superior availability for disaster support.

They Often Have to Debunk Misconceptions

When people think about scaffolding, they may have some preconceived notions about it. This can make it tough for people in the scaffolding business, since they may miss out on some potential customers because of certain misconceptions. Here are some of them and the debunking of them.

First is the notion that they are dangerous. This notion comes to mind when they look up at a high-rise and see scaffolding as high as the eye can see. Actually, when the construction scaffolders do their job right, they are extremely safe and sturdy. That doesn’t mean that the workers who are on the scaffolding can just throw caution to the wind and ignore safety regulations. That said, the scaffolding is much more maligned than it should be. With proper training and experience, professional construction scaffolders use these structures every day.

Secondly, people think that only construction workers use scaffolding. That’s not the case, even if it does seem like every time one walks outside near scaffolding, they are going to see construction workers there. Chances are good that there could be maintenance and repair work being done. Painters also use scaffolding. Michaelangelo, for example, used scaffolding to paint the Sistine Chapel. Scaffolding is not exclusive to construction. We offer scaffolding rentals and temporary fences to those in the community who need them.

Third, there’s a very big misconception that all scaffolding is alike and that it all has the same size and is made from the same material. That’s not the case. There are plenty of different types of materials like wood, aluminum, and steel. The scaffolding has different shapes too for different scenarios. Some are made for working on flat surfaces, for example. Others are made for sloped or uneven ground. It’s important to know exactly what your setting will be if you need scaffolding. Working with experienced construction scaffolders means having access to the necessary insight to make the right choice.

Fourth, there are some that think that it’s hard to put together. While construction scaffolders do need to be strong, the method of putting them together can be relatively simple. There are some complex designs out there, but the manufacturers usually want to make it as easy as possible to assemble and disassemble. A good portion of the time, the people putting them together only need a few hours to master the art of it.

Lastly, people think that scaffolding is cost-prohibitive. That said, depending on how large your project is, you could wind up saving money when compared to other solutions. Since scaffolding can be multi-used, this can pay for itself in next to no time. It’s definitely something worth considering.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to know about construction scaffolders. They play an important part in the smooth running of the real estate market, since how can people sell office space if there aren’t buildings? It would also be much more difficult to do things like building maintenance. This is a job that will be around for a very long time since there will be a high demand for people who can do these jobs.

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