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One of the first signs of any building or exterior renovation project is a set of construction scaffolding rising around the structure. As an essential tool for facilitating access to and through the worksite, construction scaffolding in San Antonio, TX is at the core of the building supply industry. Whether you are repairing emergency storm damage, remodeling a large interior space like a church or power plant, or constructing a new skyscraper, scaffolding will ensure that personnel and materials can move safely and freely around the project site, increasing productivity.

Efficient and safe scaffolding is proven to reduce insurance and workers’ compensation claims: BETCO’s Experience Modification Rating is 0.88, providing a 12% reduction in insurance costs compared to working with the average scaffolding companies in San Antonio, TX. Our experienced and trained assembly crews will come to your job site to erect your construction scaffolding to your project’s exact requirements, giving your structure the safe support it needs.

What Makes The BETCO Scaffold System Unique?

BETCO’s high-capacity scaffold system is ideal for frequent worker access or structural shoring, providing exceptional support for any building. With a modular layout and components available in a variety of sizes, BETCO ring and cup scaffolds are ideal for complex layouts such as power plants and petroleum facilities.

BETCO System scaffolding consists of vertical standard bearers and horizontal platforms, which quickly and easily lock into place with only a hammer. These scaffold elements are designed to accommodate your personnel and material transport needs, with a wide range of accessories available such as lifts, debris chutes, and cantilevered platforms.

Emergency Scaffolding Service

When you need a scaffold in a hurry to recover from storm damage or a construction accident, the BETCO Emergency Response Team can be at your project site within 24 hours with the supplies and crew to help you rebuild. Our emergency scaffolds are designed for structural shoring and quick assembly in adverse conditions, creating a safe environment for workers to assess and repair critical structural damage.

Whether it’s a planned renovation project or emergency repairs, BETCO Scaffold is here to help you with scaffold rental in San Antonio, TX, or wherever your job site may be. Request an estimate online or call us at (210) 333-4405 for more information about the BETCO Scaffold system! 

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