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Scaffolding is an essential tool for any construction project, providing a stable and secure structure to carry workers and material above the first floor. Investing in safe, quality scaffolding will help your project progress more smoothly and reduce construction costs in the long run. BETCO Scaffolds has over 75 years of experience as a scaffolding company Houston, TX contractors trust to support construction and renovation projects of any size. Let us show you how we can help at your job site:

Scaffold Rental in Houston, TX

BETCO Scaffolds offers a wide range of scaffold rental options from our local service centers in Texas. Whether you need materials that you can install yourself or the assistance of a full-service scaffolding company in Houston, TX, BETCO can deliver what your job site needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can guide you through the scaffold design and construction process, with trained field crews ready to install and dismantle your structure to minimize risk.

Scaffold Design and Supply

BETCO’s experienced engineers can design or build nearly any type of scaffold solution in Houston, TX, and nationwide. Our team recognizes that every type of scaffold has different engineering considerations. We will work with you to provide an efficient and safe solution for structural stability, fall protection, and rapid construction. Some of our most requested scaffold designs include:

  • Ring and Cup Scaffold: This modular scaffold is optimal for easy assembly, with ready-to-use pieces that attach with one tap of a hammer. These scaffolds are wider than average, facilitating quick entry and exit for multiple personnel. Our scaffold rentals in Houston, TX include multiple shapes and sizes of ring and cup scaffolding ready for any job site.
  • Frame and Brace Scaffold: These scaffolds feature modular elements for easy assembly and dismantling. Wooden or aluminum decking and ladders can be added to the scaffolds for easy access and adjustable entry. Our frame and brace scaffolds also support casters for mobile usage, letting you move your scaffold side to side along with the work for projects like painting and siding.
  • Debris Chutes: Adding a debris chute to your scaffold can reduce how many workers need to climb up and down during a demolition project, facilitating easy waste disposal from the worksite directly into a dumpster.

Are you ready to get started with one of the most experienced scaffolding companies in Houston, TX? Call BETCO Scaffolding at (713) 869-3491 for more information or an estimate on your next scaffolding project.

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