Many construction companies prioritize safety and security

Many construction companies prioritize safety and security by implementing fencing on their projects, particularly in urban areas or high-traffic zones where there’s a greater risk of unauthorized access or accidents.

Having a fence during your construction offers several benefits:

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A fence provides a physical barrier, deterring unauthorized access and protecting your construction site from theft, vandalism, and trespassing.
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Fencing helps to contain construction materials and equipment within the site, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries to workers and the public.
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Liability Reduction
By preventing unauthorized entry, a fence reduces the likelihood of accidents or incidents involving uninvited individuals, minimizing potential legal liabilities.
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Fencing shields the construction site from public view, safeguarding sensitive information about the project’s progress, design, and materials.
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Regulatory Compliance
Many jurisdictions require construction sites to be enclosed by a fence as part of safety and zoning regulations, ensuring compliance with local laws and ordinances.
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Site Organization
A fence helps to define the boundaries of the construction site, enhancing organization and control over access points for deliveries, pickups, and personnel.
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Enhanced Project Management
With restricted access, it’s easier to monitor who enters and exits the site, improving overall project management, accountability, and coordination.
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Aesthetic Appeal
Depending on the type of fencing chosen, it can also contribute to the visual appeal of the construction site, presenting a professional and cohesive appearance to clients, stakeholders, and the public.
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I recently worked with BETCO Scaffolds on a large project that entailed a complete overhead protection of an entire city block in downtown Houston. The BETCO Staff from the sales process, production, and up to the entire completion was extremely thorough with communication and expectations. Any special requests were handled in an efficient manner and all parties involved were thoroughly pleased with the services provided and timeliness of the project. I would recommend BETCO and plan to use them in the future if needed.

Bruce Gear, Project Coordinator
Cotton Global Disaster Solutions
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BETCO has become our go-to company for anything scaffold-related. Specifically, Brandon takes the time to ensure he is meeting the needs for the project and collaborates with our field teams before finalizing his quotes.

Project estimator, Kourtney Marini

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With over 1,000 positive Google reviews and a 4.8-star average rating, BETCO is the most trusted scaffolding rental company in Texas. Our commitment to excellence has supported thousands of successful projects across the state.

BETCO provides not only great quality fencing, but they do it on time and with a professional mindset. The fencing is extremely sturdy even if you don’t have the post driven into the ground. They use plastic coated weights to ground their fencing that absolutely outperforms sandbags that degrade over the life of the project. They also install fence netting in a way that gives the construction site a professional appearance without lacking protection. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help in any way possible. I will use them on every job I can.

Scott Phillips

Assistant Superintendent Tellepsen

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