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Debris Chutes

Plastic Debris Chutes

UTILITY FRAME 2’H X 5’W104224.001’
UTILITY FRAME 3’H X 5’W102327.002’
UTILITY FRAME 4’H X 5’W102434.003’
UTILITY FRAME 5’H X 5’W102537.004’
UTILITY FRAME 6’4”H X 5’W102643.004’
UTILITY FRAME 2’H X 42”W108719.511’
UTILITY FRAME 3’H X 42”W108823.052’
UTILITY FRAME 4’H X 42”W108928.293’
UTILITY FRAME 5’H X 42”W109032.024’
Product Features:

  • Larger, 32” inside diameter
  • Thicker, more resilient HDPE
  • Safe, easy, and quick to install
  • Extremely flexible system
  • Hardware is galvanized
  • Intermediate intakes can be easily placed anywhere along chute
  • Sections are telescopic for ease of storage and transport

Complete system for your every need:
Window/parapet outrigger
Scaffold outrigger
Flat roof outrigger

Can be used for:
New Construction

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Wood Debris Chutes

  • Custom designed – built for specific site requirements to accommodate any number of debris access points.
  • Chute angle and length at the bottom built to reach dumpster location
  • Heavy-duty – built to handle more abrasive materials.
  • Built to withstand extreme weather conditions and the rigors of tough daily use.
  • Will accommodate larger materials than manufactured systems.
  • Longer materials won’t have to be cut into small pieces, saving time and labor

Debris chutes provide a safe and efficient way to dispose of discarded construction materials from higher levels of a project to the ground or a collection area. Chutes help prevent accidental falls of debris, maintain a cleaner work site, and reduce the labor involved in manually carrying waste down from elevated areas.

Plastic Debris Chutes
Plastic debris chutes offer a lightweight and often more economical solution for controlled debris removal. They often feature a modular design, with interlocking sections that can be easily assembled to create a chute of the desired height.
Wood Debris Chutes
Wood debris chutes provide a more traditional and heavy-duty solution. These chutes are constructed on-site using lumber and may feature a steeper slope for faster removal of larger or heavier debris.

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