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No matter what size or type of project you are working on, BETCO Scaffolds provides construction scaffolding in Beaumont, TX, and nationwide for sale or rental. With over 75 years of experience as a scaffolding company, BETCO is your safe solution for scaffolds, shoring, and other temporary construction structures.

How Can Construction Scaffolding Help Your Project?

Improved Safety and Productivity — Scaffolding provides a sturdy, supportive structure as tall as your project, keeping reliable access and fall protection available around your job site. Unlike scissor lifts and bucket trucks, scaffolding is always there when you need it, without having to wait for a truck to arrive or a lift to rise to the exact location where it’s needed.

Easy Access — Modern modular scaffolding features wide egress stairs, allowing workers to climb a stairway quickly to and from any part of the structure, instead of dealing with clumsy ladders. Construction scaffolds also provide a firm footing for a variety of positions without having to worry about the stability of a ladder or lift basket, letting work proceed more fluidly with less dangerous reaching or climbing.

Easy Assembly and Removal — When you work with qualified scaffolding companies in Beaumont, TX, your scaffold can be assembled or removed quickly, with minimum effort. Our modular ring and cup system provides ready-to-use scaffold segments that attach with the tap of a hammer, in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any project. And no matter which type of scaffold rental you choose, our qualified installation crew has the experience and knowledge to install it safely and quickly on your job site.

Emergency Structural Stability — Our BETCO Emergency Response Team can arrive at your site within 24 hours with the supplies required for emergency shoring or scaffolding. Whether you are dealing with storm-related damage, a construction accident, or any other structural failure, we can provide the support you need for immediate recovery work.

When you are ready to consider your options for construction scaffolding in Beaumont, TX, give BETCO Scaffolds a call at (409) 842-6393 for more information and a free estimate!

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