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Whether you are shoring up an existing structure, renovating a difficult-to-reach interior space, or erecting a new building, scaffolding is a critical component of almost any construction project taller than a single level. Having safe and accessible construction scaffolding in Austin, TX enables your contractors to move themselves and their building materials to where they’re working with minimum effort. BETCO Scaffolds has over 75 years of experience as one of the leading scaffolding companies in Texas, designing, building, and installing scaffolding for construction projects of any size.

How Can Expert Scaffolding Companies in Austin, TX Help You?

Since it is only a temporary structure, scaffolding may seem like an afterthought. Surrounding your project with the best scaffolds on the market can save you not only time but also money, through reduced labor and insurance costs.

BETCO Scaffolds has an EMR of 0.88, meaning that we are safer than the average scaffolding company, and insurers will offer a 12% discount when our qualified installation crews build your scaffold system.

Modular scaffolding using the BETCO System is highly versatile, using vertical and horizontal members in various sizes to provide access to almost any space. Transporting workers and material has never been easier, with wide stairway modules and platform hoists that can integrate into our ring and cup scaffold systems.

Scaffold Rental in Austin, TX

BETCO Scaffolds offers rental of any scaffold designs we create, on job sites anywhere in the United States. If you only need the scaffold for one project, or don’t know what your long-term scaffold usage involves, our experienced scaffold crews can supply, erect, and dismantle scaffolding promptly at your project site. We also provide financing for scaffold rental in Austin, TX, and throughout Texas.

Emergency Scaffold Installation

When you need immediate structural support or access, the BETCO Emergency Response Team is here for you. Call us to discuss your scaffolding needs and our crew will be at your location within 24 hours with the supplies and staff it takes to stabilize your situation and help your workers begin the recovery process.

If you are planning a building or renovation project, don’t hesitate to let BETCO help set you up for success with the construction scaffolding Austin, TX contractors rely on for stable, safe job site access. Call us today at (512) 361-0597 for more information or to request an estimate!

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